Bandits End-of-Year Banquet
Scroll down and read the whole page for information about the
event and the purchase of meal tickets.

Buck's Backyard
1750 S. FM 1626
Buda, TX 78640

Players should wear their jerseys to the meal, and
cheerleaders should wear their uniforms.

Each Division will have an assigned time for their
meal and presentation.

Please arrive at your specified time as follows:
MM Flag and PW Tackle FB and Cheer teams, 11am – 12:45am
Junior Football and Cheer Teams, 1:00pm – 2:45pm
Senior Football and Cheer Teams, 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Each Player and Cheerleader will receive one free meal ticket
complimentary of Serranos TexMex Southpark Meadows.
Be sure to take the ticket to the banquet for the free plate!

All coaches and family members must purchase a ticket to
receive a plate.
Tickets are $11 and must be purchased in advance.
– There will be no ticket sales at the event. –

If you plan to eat at more than one ceremony, you will need
to purchase a ticket for each meal.
If you do not plan to eat, you do not need a meal ticket.

The plates include:
One Soft Beef Taco (lettuce/tomato/cheese)
One Cheese Enchilada w/Chili con Carne
Mexican Rice & Refried Beans
Chips & Salsa & Queso

Complimentary Tea, Sodas, and Water will be served.

Desserts will be provided by team volunteers.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask
your team mom or one of the organizers:

Amy Cayce -
Frank Moreno –
Davina Moreno -
Buda Youth Sports Association
Bandit End-of-Year Banquet and Trophy Presentation
Sunday, November 11, 2018
Banquet Meal
Ticket Order Form

Complimentary and Purchased Tickets will be available during practices.

Please print the Banquet Meal Ticket Order Form.
(see link above and to the left)

Fill out the bottom of the form, cut the bottom form off, and take it to practice,
whether or not you wish to purchase meal tickets. We need to know that you
have been given the option to purchase meals but have opted out.

urchase of extra plates is no longer available via our Square Store.