1. What does is the difference between an active player, and inactive player,
and fully registered?

  • An "active" player is one who is fully registered.
  • An "inactive" player is one who has begun the registration process and turned in
    some of the required forms, but still has forms or payments due.
  • "Fully registered" means that all pertinent forms including a fully completed
    registration form, a copy of an official birth certificate, a signed Parent Pledge
    Form, all required waivers, and payment in full has been received.

2. We turned in our registration form - why can't my child practice with the
 Only active players will be placed on rosters. Inactive players may not practice
or play with any BYSA team for any reason or under any circumstance. BYSA is a No
Pay, No Play organization.
Registration is easy, and there are payment plans - contact
the Registrar today!

Do you accept payment plans?  Yes, with post-dated check or by placing a credit
card number on file with a fully completed plan document. Payment plans must be
satisfied in full before a player is considered active.

Do you accept credit cards?  We do accept credit cards in person only at this
time. Come to any of our walk-up registrations during camps and practices with your
credit card in hand. We use Square.

What do we get for our registration?  All FB members receive a team jersey
(tackle) or team shirt (flag). Cheerleaders will receive a uniform, poms, and a bow. There
are 8 games plus championship games. All of the players also receive an award at the
end of the season.

Can we request a certain coach or to play with our neighbors?  BYSA rules
are strict on how teams are formed so that the teams are as evenly placed as possible.
All teams are drafted, with consideration to siblings and carpoolers.

What does it mean to be "fully registered"? To be fully registered, all of the
following must be completed:
  • Full payment of registration fees
  • Fully completed and signed registration form
  • Fully completed and signed Parent Pledge
  • Fully completed and signed Player's Waiver
  • A copy of an official birth certificate (not a hospital certificate or birth announcement)

Where are games played? All games will be played at the CFPO fields in San Marcos.

Where and when are practices? All practices will be at Barton Middle School.
Footballers will practice on the large open practice field. Cheerleaders will practice at the Barton
MS track. Summer practices are during August, Mon-Wed-Thu, from 6-8pm. Coaches will
announce the practice schedule for the game season.

Try-Out FAQs

1. Are there try-outs for participating in youth sports?  There are no tryouts.

Fundraiser FAQs

1. Are the fundraisers mandatory? - Mandatory seems like a harsh term, but we use
it to express the real necessity for it. Fundraising is the way we keep registration costs
low. There is an opt-out fee at the time of registration if you would rather not participate
in the fundraisers.

Why are the fundraisers necessary? - Providing youth sports programs is cost-
intensive, even with all of our volunteers. BYSA sets registration rates as affordable as
possible for families, and provides fundraising opportunites to off-set the difference. You
will be expected to participate unless you buy out of participation for a $50 donation, at
the time of registration only.
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