Buda Youth Sports Association
Board Members
Our organization is comprised of individuals who have many years experience in administering and coaching youth sports
leagues.  The Buda Youth Sports Council is dedicated to providing a quality learning environment that is all about fun for the

We enourage you to contact us with any questions about our programs.

Please use the email addresses listed below to contact the Council with your questions. Note: if you have an email program
installed on your computer (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.), you can use the links in the email addresses below to send
us mail. If you use an internet-based email (yahoo, gmail, etc.), you may need to copy and paste the email address into your
internet email to send us mail.

President - Frank Moreno
Vice President of Football - Michael Moreno
Registrar -
Davina Moreno
Treasurer - Yoli Rodriguez
Fundraiser Coordinator - Catalina Duran
Merchandise Coordinator - Rick Howard
Football Coach Coordinator - Ben Eli
Equipment Managers - Matt Cardenas
Team Mom Coordinator - Amy Cayce
Cheer Coordinator -
Davina Moreno
At Large Members - Troy Parsons
                             Michelle Steininger
                             Nathan Steininger
                             Lynn Moreno
Website Webmaster -
Christi Skrovan       
Buda Youth Sports Association, P.O. Box 456, Kyle, TX 78640
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Are you interested in joining our council? We always have room for one (or two, or
three...) more! Please contact Frank Moreno or Davina Moreno for more information on
how you can be of service to the organization.
Who We Are
We believe in
contributing our part to
help raise happy,
healthy, active and
engaged young people
in our community.